It takes vision to change the world. And we had it, half a century ago. Now that’s still the DNA that drives the Carla G Group: a totally Italian-made product that masterly combines quality and elegance, beyond time and beyond seasons. We speak to modern, contemporary women who love to flaunt a chic attitude in the name of femininity, style and comfort. Sleek but sophisticated, our collections make any Carla G piece so distinctive it becomes an icon, an evergreen.


The Carla G Group was founded in 1969, pioneered by Carlo Generali. A lover of textiles as the "big bang" that is the beginning of all things, he had a strategic brainwave when he opened the main manu-facturing plant in Vergato, along the Apennines this side of Emilia, between the Prato textile district and Bologna’s ready-to-wear industry. Success didn’t take long to arrive and physiologically led the brand through a makeover. Next to the traditional core business, knitwear, the brand soon added an accesso-ries range (footwear, handbags, belts and jewellery). Carla, the daughter, now holds the Group’s Head of Style and management, continuing his father’s work around the thousands faces of fabrics. As the new generation gets ready to take over



Our pieces are made through a super-short supply chain: our suppliers live within 120 km of the com-pany’s HQ, which guarantees perfect quality control as well as excellent tailoring. A third of the pieces are manufactured in house, while the rest is outsourced. For our knitwear and leather, we only use ma-terials made and processed in Italy, a tribute to a vision that has been inherited from the founder and that still puts quality at the centre of all our actions, as the kingpin of our creative ideas.